Greetings, in Christ

Fr Will
Welcome to your Parish. As you can see this Parish has a long history of ministry and an equally long history of Priests who have loyally served our community of faith.

I welcome you as your Parish Priest, to a place dedicated to St Anselm, but above all to a place committed to prayer as the foundation for the life of our family.If you are a parishioner, I thank you for the way you serve Christ in your Parish and if you are a newcomer or guest, welcome.

Please join us and be part of a living community to share prayer and ministry to others here in this place. As you get to know more of your Parish and your fellow parishioners you can see that this is a compassionate place, where we minister to those in need, to those who need compassion and to those who want to belong.

I remind everyone of two things:

Firstly, to belong to one of the many ministries that take place in this parish and to offer the opportunity of sharing your talent for the good of others is part of our Christian duty. Christ said "Love your neighbour as yourself." Therefore, I urge you to think of your talents and share them with this your parish community.

Secondly, we have a duty to pray. St. Paul reminds us to "pray without ceasing" (1Thessalonians 5:7) and I urge each and every one of you to spend time in prayer. It can be quiet reflection spent in the church, the lighting of a candle, the attending of a Eucharistic celebration during the week, the saying of the Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration & Benediction or the reflective thought during the activity of a busy day. Pray with us here, pray to have time to reflect, pray to have time to let Jesus into your busy life.

Weekly Newsletter

Forthcoming Events


Blessed Sacrament Procession: Sunday 23rd June at 3pm :

We invite the whole parish to join in this celebration which commences in the church at 3.00pm when there will be Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction. Weather permitting there will be a procession to the garden at the CCF and the service will conclude in the church.

Extraordinary Ministers will renew their Commitment during the service. We especially invite all the newly Confirmed young people of the parish. All First Holy Communicants should attend and will be presented with their certificates after the service in the old hall. All Altar Servers to arrive by 2.45pm in the sacristy and First Holy Communicants by 2.30pm in the upper new hall.

Tea will be served after the service in the old hall, Balham High Road entrance.

All welcome!

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Dates:Course commencing on Tuesday, 26th February and concluding on Tuesday, 4th June (running for 12 weeks -term time).

Time: 7.30pm for 7.45pm start

Where: in the upper new hall

DVD led by Fr. Anthony Ciorra and directed by Canon William.

Dear Friends and fellow travellers in faith, this important retreat has restarted and meeting again on a Tuesday evening at 7.45pm in the upper new hall. The feedback has been excellent. What you will get from this programme is best described in the way in which it will help us "give our lives over to a higher power" and the means by which we can achieve that. There are 5 more sessions culminating on the 4th June, and as well as the spiritual input from the Directors, there is an opportunity each week for Adoration in the church that allows us to reflect and deepen our own thoughts. Above all it allows us to share in a Parish setting a real opportunity for faith development. We are always delighted to meet new parish members who join us. It is for us all a powerful opportunity to discover God in the richness of our lives, by stopping and letting God take control and enter into the "now busy part of our lives."


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